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Aims and Values

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The De Beauvoir Association (www.debeauvoir.org.uk) is a local community group in Hackney. It was re-formed in 2004 as a result of concern about a number of local issues. Our members are the residents of the area between Balls Pond Road and the Regent’s Canal, bounded by Kingsland Road to the east and Southgate Road to the west.


Our approach is based on equality and respect for all, coupled with a focus on managing, valuing and celebrating diversity.

We will encourage a shared pride and caring spirit for what we already have and what we can achieve in our neighbourhood to make it even better for all

We will cherish and sustain the diversity and variety we already have in our community, and encourage newcomers to add positively to the character of the neighbourhood

We will pursue our aims in ways that keep residents informed and encourage involvement

We will enable participation of, and consultation with residents on issues of common interest

We will operate in an open and transparent way

We will encourage self-help, partnerships, as well as ensuring there is a voice for our neighbourhood which can be heard and will be taken notice of, by those that can make the changes we need and want

We will reject deterioration and degradation and anything that is out of character with the neighbourhood

We will focus on issues and actions that benefit the whole of our community

We will respect the needs and desires of adjacent neighbourhoods and collaborate with them wherever it seems appropriate

Issues and areas of common interest:

( for example – to be added to )

Refuse collection, street cleaning, dog mess, graffiti, etc.

Safety and security, street lighting, police services, fire services, etc.

Health, hospital, surgery, local doctors, dentists etc.

Schools and nurseries

Licensing for leisure and entertainment

Road safety and maintenance, car security, parking, etc.

Planning and redevelopment, building heights, etc.

Retail outlets, postal services, Chemists

Sports and recreation facilities, children’s play grounds

Transport services, for the disabled, cycle facilities, canal usage and safety

Noise, fire alarms, car alarms, late night parties

Greening of the area